Love is in the Air

August 5th for most is just another day in the calendar, and it is for me too most years.

However, this year I was back in my home town and celebrating the freedom to be myself (out and happy) at Brighton Pride, surrounded by people just like me.

I travelled down to Southwick by train on Friday, which included a thirty minute wait in London Victoria waiting for a train that wouldn't show on the departures board, and was soon on my way to the reservation I had made at Tosca Tapas with my nan.

With the ambiance surrounding us of this club-esque tapas and prosecco bar, we decided to share a meat platter selection (which cost me £8.50 and definitely wasn't worth that money) and then both had a bowl of linguine, mine with seafood and my nan's with meatballs. The cocktails they served, all including prosecco, were delicious and went straight to my nan's head which was extremely amusing.

On our way back to my nan's bungalow, I bought myself some rhubarb and ginger ice cream from the Co-Op, which is perhaps one of the best tasting ice creams I have ever had the pleasure of buying. It reminded me of a ginger Greek yoghurt my mum bought from Aldi that has crystallised ginger in it. Very tasty indeed.

Arriving home at my nan's bungalow, I was very surprised to see my auntie waiting in her car for us with two little rascals called Sooky (a Shih Tzu) and Gus (a twelve week old miniature Shih Tzu), who were two of the most adorable dogs I have ever seen.

I don't really like small dogs personally, but Gus was the cutest little thing. He was tiny and had a little waddle that reminded me very much of the one my own puppy Sully has.

On the morning of pride itself, I made sure I was full of food (a yoghurt, a banana, a croissant and a pain au chocolat) and we were on our way to the coast to catch the 700 bus. We stopped at the chocolate shop in Southwick Square, where I planned to buy some chocolates for my girlfriend, but decided against it because it was so warm and they would no doubt melt.

The bus into Hove wasn't very long thankfully, but there were plenty of people going to pride on it (which was amazing to see), including lots of children. I think it's very important for parents to take their young children to events like this because it demonstrates to them that whoever they are and whatever they identify as they will be accepted by their family.

Pride should be a family event. A place where everyone is welcome to join in the festivities.

The parade itself was a party and a half. I loved every second of it!

Here are some pictures that I managed to take (turns out I actually took more videos than I did photos):

(I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I'm sorry all the photos are out of line with the middle, but I've been struggling to move them around and they don't really move very well, so. It's annoying me more than it is you, probably.)

After witnessing some of the best drag acts I will probably ever see and learning that the lyrics to Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' fit over the instrumental of Kings of Leon's 'Sex is on Fire', my nan and I made our way home, illegally boarding a train without a ticket, stopping to get ourselves some fish and chips (which wasn't particularly nice fish, but hey ho), and watching Usain Bolt run his last individual race.

On Sunday, my nan and I drove around the countryside for a few hours, spending our last few hours together just talking and laughing, before I made my way to the train station.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend and I'm so, so glad that I went. At the same time, on Sunday evening, I really just wanted to get home and see my mum.

I do have to say, Brighton Pride was honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life so far, and has proven to me that I can enjoy myself.

It has also taught me that if I want to do something that I think I'll enjoy, then I should do it without any qualms, especially if I can afford to do so.

Maybe I could be the lesbian (kind of) who goes around drunk fist-bumping other lesbians, who knows.

Thank you for reading this, I appreciate it greatly.

Chlo x

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